Descriptive Piece- Procrastination Station

Procrastination Station. Located in the lobby of the W.E.B Du Bois library smells of pepperoni and coffee. There are moments of quiet when all I can hear is the clicking of keyboards and the deep sighs of frustration. The girl to the right of me seems extremely anxious as she keeps biting her nails and looking to her sides to see if anyone is judging her for her constant selfie snaps.

Off in the far right corner of the room there is a young man dressed sharply from head to toe. His pin-striped suit seems a half size too big as he keeps peeking over his shoulder pads to check the score of the the silent Bruins game that’s on the flat screen directly above me.

To my right there is a small girl whose bright red sweater reminds me of Christmas. As she yawns she sends a wave-like rippling affect down the line of tired, stressed students.

Interrupting the silence one boy answers his Iphone speaking to- his mom? Maybe? He says, “So what’s the plan? Are swapping presents or playing secret Santa?” I see the girl to the right of me look up and giggle as if she thought his question was cute.

Suddenly, a crowd of students come bursting through the doors looking like a mob of starving zombies each carrying on their own conversation about the class in which they just exited. Some students gather near the entrance waiting for their friends while others crowd around the glass case trying to decide what to satisfy their taste buds with.

In an attempt to take yet, another selfie, the girl sitting next to me has successfully interrupted my observations by spilling her hot coffee all over the booth. Excuse me while I aid her cleanup process.


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