Murder at the Marathon- April 15, 2013 Boston Bombing

Confusion and uncertainty loomed in the air after Monday’s Boston bombing.
Only hours after the incident, officials were at the podium trying to piece together and reassure civilians about the bombing that had just occurred.

Since the 2:50 bombing, all bodies from the site were removed and all of those who were injured have been transported to local hospitals. Police officers are making visits to the hospitals to question those who may have been witness to the event. An immediate response system was activated by police officers in order to send help and resources in an event like this.

Two hotlines have been established to aid families in finding loved ones who may have been affected by the explosions and another for witness who may have any information on the explosions.

With little to no details about the bombing, Commissioner Ed Davis and Gov. Deveal Patrick could not provide any information on if the bombing was terrorist related, the number of casualties or even the actual number of attacks.

Commissioner Ed Davis, who did the majority of speaking, stated that, “This is literally just unfolding, I don’t have any information.”

Investigating the incident with immediate urgency, police officers are examining each bag dropped at the scene, treating them all as if they were suspicious devices. When addressed, Commissioner Davis affirmed that there were no threats made leading up to the day’s Boston Marathon bombing. Commissioner Davis stated that,” People should stay calm but they should understand that this is an ongoing investigation.”

In an effort to maintain safety as the investigation continues, Gov. Patrick and Commissioner Davis urge those in the Boston area to stay in their homes or hotel rooms and not to congregate in large crowds.


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