Becca Scott
A Dancer’s Soul

“My first performance was at 3 years old. I was a flower that had to jump out of a bucket. We were little and we had to do a somersault so I made my mom come out from backstage with her headset on and everything to help flip me.” Says Becca Scott as she recalls her first memory performing, on stage.

Currently, Becca is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Like many at the university, Becca is currently “employed” as a full-time student focusing all of her energy into her 2 majors. As a sophomore she pursues a degree in Dance and Journalism.

Becca Scott has a passion for dance, she states that she has always been a dancer. For as long as she could remember she says that “it’s what I always did.” Her mother owned 3 dance studios which were scattered throughout Massachusetts. Her main studio was in Worcester, MA which Becca practiced in until she was 10 years old. During the course of her dance career she took 2 years off to pursue art classes instead. It wasn’t until her and her family moved to Brattleboro, Vermont did she regain a love for dancing. Becca said a new dance studio really inspired her to get back into dance. The new studio aided her in loving the work she did. Her eyes glistened as she spoke of the hard work and new limits she was pushing her body to. She said, “I started to see my body do things it couldn’t do before. It didn’t feel like work. It was work I wanted to do.” This is when she started to take her work seriously.

As she continued through her high school career, many of her teachers encouraged her to continue her hard work in Modern and Contemporary ballet. They believed that Becca would reach great heights with the dedication she was putting into her sport. She began to believe in herself and thought about the ways in which she could make a life out of dance.  

During the interview she reflected on her junior and senior year of high school where she traveled to Washington, Florida and Russel Stage in New York where she learned about human trafficking through dance. The way in which the information was presented opened her eyes up to how through dance she could bring about changes in the world. She feels that, “Dance is not purely for entertainment. It can get a purpose across. Actually seeing it performed on stage can make a difference.”

The passion in her voice was distinct at the moment when she stated that this was the reason she also chose journalism, She feels that the two go hand in hand. Becca decided that if she wasn’t going to pursue dance, she was going to pursue journalism, “it was the next thing because I’ve always liked writing.” Becca stated in her interview that “you can use journalism and dance to tell a story and with dance it’s a bigger message.”

When asked what her goals were after graduating college she said that she wanted to perform. She informed me that dance doesn’t work the way it used to. She says that back in the day, if you could dance, you joined a company and you performed but now you need to go to college. Through first hand experience she says that college allows you to explore your options.

At 20 years old, Becca Scott has her eyes on the prize. Her hope is,with her devotion to her work both onstage and in the classroom she will land her a career performing for thousands as she shares the messages the world needs to hear.



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